About us

Abercom (u) technologies was founded in 2014. We build affordable easy to use systems  and provide awide range of services to both businesses and individuals.

Our vision statement:

To become a world class ICT function empowering Uganda & regional business into international ICT standards.

Our Mission statement:

To keep offering and supporting the Ugandan and regional business sector with reliable & up to date technologies and solutions to help them stay at the competitive end of business.

Our core values:

  • We endeavor to carry out our duties with professionalism, commitment and dedication.
  • We embrace excellence, developmental criticisms, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We strive to abide by the virtue of integrity and honesty in all our activities.
  • Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients, to whom all of Abercom (U) Technologies is committed to deliver exceptional services and values.
  • We provide solutions and ICT systems tailored to every single experience, company and market.
  • The individual client is the focus of our attention; our search for best ICT solutions responds to the following imperative: “being the best at what we do!”
  • We continuously invest in our personnel to keep developing our skill and abilities
  • We adopt the consultant approach in offering services to our clients

What we do;

  • Robotics and programming
  • Website designing and hosting
  • System design and developement
  • Android app development
  • Hardware and software including repair and maintenance
  • Networking and infrastructure development

Our Objectives

  •  To enhance and establish the company ICT resources and infrastructure.
  • To improve service delivery in the business sector by developing and implementing innovative service delivery systems.
  •   To harness the current and future credibility’s of ICT employ them in improving production in business.
  •   To ensure technological growth to heights in both the social and economic aspects.
  •   To enhance competitiveness and improve the corporate image of our ICT firm by improving on the national ICT rankings.